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Joyce P.

“Glowing Skin without invasive treatment or chemicals"

“At 61 I’d developed smile lines and my skin was dehydrated, and tired looking and created lines over the arches of my eyebrows which I HATED
I felt so self-conscious all the time - like everyones’ eyes were drawn right to my smile lines when I was talking.

I’d spent so much money on skin care in an attempt to fix it. But the real problem was even though I had the knowledge I lacked the discipline and commitment to follow through.

Louise’s Face Yoga helped me achieve glowing skin without the need for invasive treatments or chemicals.

Louise was there every step of the way and committed to getting us the best results possible. And what I loved the most was she made sure to take pictures throughout so I could see the incremental changes

I no longer feel self-conscious about my face and my jawline is more taut!”

About Me! Who Am I?
Hi there! I’m Louise a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and founder of A Change Of Face.

After I hit 40, I noticed my skin heading more south and I felt tired, old and less desirable.

Because I didn't want to resort to mainstream options like fillers, injections and surgery I took matters into my own hands.

Having been in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years I researched natural methods to improve the aging effects on my face.

Now as a Certified Face Yoga Method Coach I'm very passionate about teaching women 40+ do the same for their aging face!


Theresa B.

 Face Yoga  greatly improved my eye bags and I feel more confident than ever before!”

I struggled with fine lines and avoided wearing contact lenses because I was constantly checking in the mirror to see how bad my eye bags and fine lines were.
Although I’d tried a DVD face yoga program with another coach, I wasn’t consistent and therefore had very little results.
I was interested in taking a more holistic approach to my aging face and found Louise’s style to be in sync with my values
The poses were easy to implement and I loved the inside-out approach the program used when it came to improving my skin tone.
I felt supported every step of the way and reassured that my questions would be answered in our weekly coaching sessions.
My skin looks better than it ever did and I feel much more confident with my looks!

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