Dare to Bare Your Skin 

An Unconventional Approach To 
Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The Ultimate Face!

Customized Face Yoga Plan For A More Personalized Experience! 

1:1 Private Coaching

The Ultimate Face Private Coaching Sessions are designed for the client who has specific needs and prefers a more customized plan for their individual concerns.  

 Each session builds on the previous one in order to set up a solid foundation in order to achieve the client's goals. 

Identify and release tension areas, tone, tighten and firm skin using customized Face Yoga poses, proven beauty techniques and modified lifestyle habits.  

Receive your own quick, easy and fun 10-minute routine to keep you on track and accountable.  

Plus a 30-day follow up session for additional questions and check in!

The Ultimate Weapon To Smoothing Out Lines, Firming Up Sagging Skin, And Saying YES To Being On Camera!

Stop hiding behind your "turned off" video, or dreading photoshoots and closeups.

Shake off camera-shyness and fall back in love with your Face & the camera.

Uncover the root cause behind fine lines & wrinkles, practice age-erasing poses, how to nourish fatigued and mature-looking skin and a daily practice to keep your skin looking refreshed, rejuvenated and younger-looking for the rest of your days.

Fall in love with your face and confidently show up in your next photoshoot.

Here's What You Can Expect:

  • Soften and smooth out all forehead lines (frown, 11 and worry)
  • ​Open up & clear tired-looking eyes so you can leave the Visine behind
  • Discover how to "correctly" move your face muscles and lose the permanent lines
  • Ditch lifestyle habits that contribute to uneven facial features
  • ​Tone, tighten & lift your cheeks & smooth out laugh lines
  • ​Lose the double chin and firm neckline and say goodbye to turtlenecks
The Ultimate Face 1:1 private sessions consist of 7 lessons plus an additional follow up session 30 days after you have completed all sessions.

We begin with a Face Analysis so we can assess exactly where you are stuck and better understand your goals.

Together we will create a customized "JUST FOR YOU" Face Yoga plan based on the 5 core pillars in order to give you more confidence and help you start moving  forward again. 
The client will submit their Before photos in order to help measure their success.

Each lesson will offer a releasing exercise and new customized Face Yoga poses building on from the previous sessions.  Also discussed is simple, effective lifestyle modifications to further enhance your results.

There will be homework and daily instructions so you can create a daily practice.

Define, smooth, lift and sculpt your entire face in less than 10-minutes each day so you can feel like the confident goddess you are meant to be.

Come and explore this all-natural technique that have women across the globe are raving about!

The Ultimate Face 1:1 Private Is For You If:

  • You're completely new to Face Yoga or a seasoned face yogi.
  • You're stuck trying to figure it out on your own, or frustrated with complicated beauty regime that don't give lasting results.
  • ​are doing the face yoga poses but have more individual concerns that seem complicated.
  • You need structure & guidance of what to do each day to reach your goals.
  • ​You prefer to have your own private face yoga coach to keep you accountable and hold your hand.
  • ​You have an important event coming up (reunion, wedding) that you want to look your ultimate BEST!
  • ​You've been avoiding showing up in your business via social media and are ready to impact your fans!

Hey there!
 I'm Louise 

I've always prided myself on looking after my skin using the finest and cleanest skin care products available and investing in monthly skin treatments like facials and masks yet the unwanted lines and sagging skin persisted.

I was self-conscious about my face and felt powerless because I thought I was doing everything that I was "supposed" to be doing to help with the telltale signs of my aging face.

I know many of my clients felt that way and perhaps you feel the same way

After investing a lot of time and energy trying to find more natural solutions,  I discovered an all natural Japanese technique that really  helped with my aging concerns and got me on the right path to reducing wrinkles, firming and smoothing out my skin plus so much more!

As the founder of "A Change Of Face" and co-author of "Saved By Nutrition" I've taught  hundreds of women on how to create a more natural looking youthful face   without having to  resort to risky cosmetic procedures and that takes less 10 minutes a day.

I'm excited to share Face Yoga with you!


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